User Interview Template 
Marketing 360® Platform

I’m excited to showcase a valuable template I’ve created for user interviews. This template sticks to the basic structure of a research script, but I also make a point to ask questions off script, improvise based on the user’s responses, and foster a human connection. I find that this method creates an environment of trust and candor. The goal in these sessions is to make the participant feel safe to open up, and it’s through these safe spaces that the most genuine results emerge.

I’m sharing an example of how I use this template for one of the redesign initatives at Marketing 360®. My team was tasked with digging into the use cases and the why’s behind a feature in our CRM known as “contact sources.” Our assumptions were to trim down 90% of this experience and have most of the options run as default in the background to reduce user error and option paralysis. This is a current project as of October 2023, design is TBD after we are wrapping up the synthesis and reporting, present to our stakeholders, and move on to the next phase of wireframing, prototyping, and testing.

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UX Research Training Deck
Marketing 360®

Why It Matters
In the fast-paced world of product development, a great user experience is not a luxury but a necessity. In this deck, I delve into the core of UX research and design, and understand why it's pivotal for our success.

We are a small team and Marketing 360® and our platform was developer-driven. And due to strict budgets, our UX team was born after the developement of the platform. I joined the team in 2020 while I was a product designer at SpaceCraft via an acquistion. Our teams merged and I noticed some areas that could use improvement, specifically in the UX/Dev/Product collaboration. The UX team was so new at this point that we were still in the negotiating phase for UX research buy-in. We wanted additonal time set aside for our projects so that the designers could pursue discovery, user research, and user testing. With this being one of our biggest challenges, I prepared a slide deck. My intention was aimed at educating our developers and product managers about the fundamental process involved in UX research and why it matters through real data and reliable sources.

The Result
Fast forward to three years and later and this proved to be a success! It turns out, by breaking down the significance of research and design through numbers and metrics to team members outside of the product design practice, we not only speak their language and convince them of the immense value research has, but we’ve gotten our stakeholders and product managers to set aside additional time in our roadmap for all stages of the UX design life cycle.

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Design System
Marketing 360®
2020 - ongoing maintenance

A design system was established to address the existing features at Marketing 360 and to ensure consistency in our user interface as we expanded our team towards an enterprise level. My team and I created this over the course of the 2020 pandemic while operating entirely remote. This challenge and huge undertaking during the forced-remote situation taught us how to manage our time, build trust in each other, and improve our communication.

Marketing 360 is an all-in-one responsive CRM designed to empower small businesses with the ability to process payments, acquire leads, and nuture exisiting contacts through a variety of powerful tools, integrations and metrics.
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In-line Editing
Websites 360®
2019 - ongoing maintenance

I’m excited to share one of my more exciting passion projects at Marketing 360® which is our In-line Editor UI for our app within the Marketing 360® Platform known as Websites 360®. Formerly known as SpaceCraft, our website creation tool, was acquired in 2020. I was the lead designer at SpaceCraft during this acquisition. This was one of the conceptual projects I worked on intermittently. Our website editor is a content-first builder. Much like the content builder of Wordpress. I saw a great need for introducing a UI that is built with the web designer (our users) in mind. Our users are a mix internal staff graphic designers that build websites for Marketing 360® clients and individuals who sign up for a DIY plan and opt of our account management services. The feedback I received from our graphic design team along with the feedback of DIY user shared the same theme:

“Why is this so difficult to use?”

“I wish I didn’t have to move between content and editing pages to design my website.”

This workflow unifies the content and visual editor into one screen. The greatest challenge was auditing all of our features and functions and ensuring not a single one was eliminated by mistake in our redesign. With careful planning, designing and testing, we were able to build the editor in a way that met the user’s expectations and matched the UI of our newly acquired parent company, Marketing 360®.

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FWD Personal Portal

FWD (pronounced as forward) is an annual tech innovation conference organized by Solstice FWD attendees needed an online hub to access the conference agenda, bios on speakers, and information about unique AI/AR exhibits they can experience, so we designed platform that can provide all of those things  and more!

This was a collaborative project consisting of myself and a designer based out of Buenos Aires,  around 2-3 engineers, 1 product manager and our product owner who was the Director of PR and Marketing. We designed this from conception to completion in 6 months.


User Flow

We have a unique sign up experience. We had to solve for how users would register for the event, receive their registration code, and then login to their personal portal. We also had to map out what would happen if the registration code was misplaced.

This map of gave our team greater visibility into all the checkpoints and pathways this flow would require within the user story before anything was built.



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Design is the silent ambassador of your brand. ― Paul Rand


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